Wilmington YMCA Sprint

Nice sprint course!   While it wasn’t wetsuit legal, the race (swim) was held in the channel near Wrightsville Beach so it had the extra buoyancy benefit of saltwater and an incoming tide.  You’ll definitely set a PR for a 1500 Meter distance swim!!

The main reason I decided to do this event was because the swim and transition areas are also included in the Beach2Battleship Full Iron distance event that I’m doing next month.   Anytime you can train on a course ahead of time, I think it’s a great idea.    This gave me experience on the swim and I learned where NOT to swim (over by the docks!).   So I’ll benefit in my B2B swim because I have a little more experience from Wilmington YMCA Sprint.

What did I learn?  Take advantage of training on a course ahead of the actual race day.   It will help ensure you make the right turns, learn tricky spots on the bike and give you an additional comfort level when race day arrives.  You’ll view the course on race day as an “old friend” you’ve come to visit instead of “someone you just met”.    This really helps on race day as you don’t have to worry about things like where to turn, etc.  And you’ll have extra confidence to boot!  Try it out and see!!

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