White Lake Sprint (Spring race) May 3, 2015

I decided to race White Late sprint this year because it’s easy and flat.  Plus my friend, Ronnie Horne, likes to drive and he has a big monster truck that is like ‘choice.’  Air conditioning seats and all the bells and whistles.  I love when he drives, I ride in comfort.

Not a lot of people showed up for this race.  The only person I recognized in the open field was team mate, Robert.  So basically, I was racing for second, gone are the days when I used to beat him.  My swim was nothing to write home about.  I don’t even remember it.  The only thing I remember was running into TA and I couldn’t even see Robert.  He had already left TA.  WTF??

My bike leg was miserable.  Once I got out on the road,  I assessed the damage.  I thought I’d see Robert. Nope. WTF??  At this point, I figured I will have to ride scared and listen for wheels coming up on me because I suck and am having a miserable race.  No legs, not having fun.  But wait, the road is paved, YAY!!! Finally!!!  No more bumps and no more aerobars shifting downwards and no more crotch pain from the cracks that used to be in the road.  Shocking, no one caught me on the bike.  The basket that I weaved on the bike is for sale, acquire within if you what to buy it.

I started the run feeling like crap but tried to push.  People cheered for me leaving TA and I tried to act like I was having fun, but I wasn’t.  I thought I could possibly catch up to Robert.  No one yelled out how far he was in front of me.  Then I approached the gas station which was no where near the turn around and saw Robert and I thought, “Damn, he is so fast and I suck, oh well, just try and hold off and fast age groupers.”  I never looked behind me so I didn’t know where I stood with the rest of the field.  I made the turn around and saw no one near me.  With my years of racing behind me, I know not to let up.  I continued to push hard for the second half of the run to avoid getting “age grouped.”  I barely broke 19 mins.  I managed to squeeze into 2nd overall.  Done.  Another year, another White Lake.


My favorite part is to get into the lake after the race.  The best recovery.

Thanks for reading ~Dan Y




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