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About the Application Process

Team members will be selected by the leadership board.  Race results, triathlon experience, age division, triathlon goals, and character assessment will be some of the criteria considered in the selection process.   Team commitment is for one calendar year (November 2016 to November 2017).   Application responses should be typed and submitted electronically via email to Sara Larson at slarson327@gmail.com

Applications for initial team selections are due by October 16, 2016.  Initial team selections from these applications will be made and announced by November 1, 2016.  Team membership will be approximately 25 individuals, with an approximately equal number of men and women. While applications will be accepted and reviewed at any time, membership may be kept at a number less than 25 without admitting new members for any period of time at the discretion of the board.  The board will be following selection guidelines (described below), but reserves the right to make exceptions to these guidelines as it sees fit.  This means that if you miss a performance guideline, but come close and feel you are otherwise a very good match, we encourage you to apply for consideration.  Likewise, meeting these guidelines does not guarantee acceptance into the team, as there are many factors involved in the selection process.

We encourage applications from professional athletes; the team will make special accommodations for these individuals.

Selection Guidelines:

  1. The athlete must reside in the State of North Carolina.  The athlete must be able to make multiple commitments in the Raleigh area (see Team contract for details).
  2. The athlete must be a minimum age of 20 by January 2017.  Athletes under the age of 20 by January 2017 will be considered on a case by case basis.
  3. The athlete demonstrates impeccable professionalism and goodwill to race staff, volunteers, media, other athletes and spectators.
  4. The athlete is able to meet the requirements of the Team Contract (please review).
  5. Athletes will be selected from Group A first, then from Group B.

Please list races, overall race place, and race dates.

 Group A:  Two triathlon finishes within the past 18 months of either Top 5 Overall by gender in a race of 200+ finishers or Top 10 Overall in a race of 500+ finishers.

Group B:  Two triathlon finishes within the past 18 months of Top 25 Overall in a race of 300+ and exceptional single sport results. Examples include: sub 17 min 5k for men, sub 19 min 5k for women, sub 18 min ‘mile’ swim for men, and sub 20 min ‘mile’ swim for women.  Single sport results must be within the past three years.

If the athlete does not meet the Group A or Group B criteria in #5, he/she must submit recent USAT rankings and/or other helpful supporting information.

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