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Winter Training

Posted on by Cari Soleo

It’s often hard to get motivated to train during the winter when it’s cold and dark outside, and your next race is months away.  However, it can be fun with a little extra effort. Here are my tips for making … Continue reading

Knightdale Sprint -by Martin Stam

Posted on by Martin Stam

Knightdale Super Sprint 9/17/17 By Martin Stam I like events like this because there are lots of first-timers. It is super inspirational to see folks getting into triathlon. Additionally, sprints are great because you get some awesome racing action and … Continue reading

Getting to the race in the foggy darkness. Sound familiar? -Watauga Lake Triathlon

Posted on by Martin Stam

Watauga Lake Triathlon 9/14/17 By Martin Stam Sometimes triathlon events can a real adventure. This one is a great example. I drove up the night before to stay with my cool mountaineer brother creativetreehousedesign.com. He told me that Watauga lake … Continue reading

Ebbs and Flows, you know how it goes

Posted on by Whit Hughston

The ebbs and flows of a triathlon season…ah, yes.  This is what happens when the season for your sport lasts the better part of 7 months (and really could last all 12 months if you let it consume you).  There … Continue reading

FS Series 1206 Battle of Buckhorn

Posted on by Sara Larson

FS Series has been a long time sponsor for our Elite Team and it is always fun to race one of their events. Jason and Brent have wonderful courses set up and Dawn Dixon does an excellent job with the … Continue reading

Battle at Buckhorn – a new favorite local race

Posted on by Kerry Martin

2017 has been a tough year for my racing/training. A running injury and bike crash in April really slowed down my training this year. I spent most of the summer swimming way more than I ever though I would, and … Continue reading

Battle at Buckhorn 2017

Posted on by Cari Soleo

I have done this race a few times in the past, and it has always been competitive and lots of fun. This year was no different, and since it was at the end of September the weather was perfect! The … Continue reading

How I Was Able to Litter and Spit on the Streets of Singapore

Posted on by Cath Rueckeis

The announcements were beautifully coordinated by the dutiful DJ. “Orange cappers, remember these four words: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY” (*Listen to your heart*- Roxette) “If something doesn’t feel right, slow down, take it easy” (*Take it eaaaasssyy*- Eagles) “And if … Continue reading

Washington Sprint: Transitions were the difference for a win

Posted on by Tom Lehr

Do you ever practice or think about Transitions?   Sure, you do your swim, bike & run training, but do you ever “train” or practice your transitions?   Do you look to see what the athletes with the fastest transition times spend … Continue reading

Returning to the Races after Baby

Posted on by Doracy Harrison

Take a look at the team photo and there’s something…different…about the gal on the far right. That’s me, with the huge belly poking out.  Fast forward a couple months to mid-May and that’s when my family’s new addition, Cora Kate … Continue reading

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