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Swim:  I had heard water temp’s ranging from 76-79° the day before the race.  With the warm weather the days preceding the race, I made the logical decision to leave the wetsuit in the car.  And of course the water was miraculously just below the wetsuit threshold.  Unfortunately the immutable laws of physics contradict the whole premise of this account…that is one magic thermometer.  Oh well, the water was warm enough, that with my full wetsuit I most likely would have gotten too warm anyway.  My pool time has been lacking so far this year, so it really would have helped.  Came out in 38 and change.  Pretty slow, probably should spend more time at the pool.

Bike:  I felt good on the bike and pushed at a good tempo for the first 25-30 miles.  Similar with the swimming, I am behind on where I want to be fitness-wise.  Because of the cooler than warmer weather this spring and rainy/windy weekends, I haven’t had many long rides so far.  So I backed off on the effort for the remainder of the ride hoping to have “fresh” legs for the run.  Course time was around 2:20, which is where I expected to end up going into the race.

Run:  The run is where my fitness level really shows, or is exposed.  Although my legs felt OK, the heat of the midday was a large factor on my finishing time.  I don’t do as well running in hot and humid weather, but the better my fitness level the less the weather affects me.  For the first few miles, my splits were in the upper 7 minute range.  They gradually increased to the upper 8’s, but I started dumping ice down my tri suit and putting some under my hat, so I was able to cool both ends of my torso.  Around the second loop near the art museum the ice cooling started to pay off and was able to finish stronger than I started.

Overall this was a fun race.  It was really well done for a point-to-point race.  I ended up finishing 20-25 minutes slower than I was anticipating when I initially signed up last year, but am happy with my results relative to where my fitness level is at.  I would race it again.

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I'm originally from Chesapeake, VA and I've lived in NC since 2007. I started running in 2009 after spectating a half marathon and I was incredibly motivated watching everyone finish the race. Around that time, I rediscovered my love for swimming in an effort to cross train. In 2010, I purchased a road bike and signed up for my first sprint triathlon. Since then, I've worked my way up to a few Ironman races. I've taken time off from triathlon to have two wonderful daughters along the way. My goals for 2021 are ITU Age Group Worlds, Mussleman 70.3, and to improve my half marathon time.