Racing into Shape Part III: Revenge of the Half

Everything was good to go heading into the White Lake Half.  I ran a little Wednesday morning, but after that, it was just rest.  Unlike the week before Belews, my calves were behaving…until Friday evening.  My right calve starting feeling odd.  I think the official medical term is “it doesn’t feel right-entitis”.  How can it act up when I hadn’t done anything to stress the muscles?  It was still the same race morning.  While putting my right leg into the wetsuit, it started to cramp.  In my mind, many curse words were thought.  If just putting on my wetsuit can bring about cramps, just wait until I hop in the water.  But good news!  The swim was cramp free, although I was very mindful to not twist or flex my feet in odd ways that could trigger an occurrence.

For the bike, I had a target to average 24 mph, which would be about 2:20. It seemed reasonable for the first 30-35 miles, but at that point is when you turn onto hwy 53 and have to deal with the rougher road and headwinds.  Just trying to maintain above 20 mph was stressing my legs.  The last 5 miles were the worst.  I had to ride sitting up because of hip/gluteus pain in the aero position.  I actually was faster sitting up, just had no power while riding aero.

That hip pain carried over into the run and took 5-6 miles until it finally worked itself out.  While my hip was uncomfortable to run with, it was the sun and heat that really took a toll.  I’m not complaining about the weather for the past couple of weeks, but it sure didn’t acclimate me to the heat of today’s race.  That run was hot.  On the positive side, I was able to run a steady pace for nearly the entire run as my 6.5 and final splits were within a minute of each other.  And now have a great tri-top sunburn.  And I’ve got blisters on both feet.  And I’m pretty sore.  And tired.  Thanks White Lake, you’ve done it again.  I guess this was payback for the nicer weather the past couple of  years.

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I'm originally from Chesapeake, VA and I've lived in NC since 2007. I swam competitively until college and decided swimming was no longer fun for me. I started running in 2009 after spectating a half marathon and I was incredibly motivated watching everyone finish the race. Around that time, I rediscovered my love for swimming in an effort to cross train. In 2010, I purchased a road bike and signed up for my first sprint triathlon. Since then, I've worked my way up to a few Ironman races. I've taken time off from triathlon to have two wonderful daughters along the way. My goals for 2019 are Age Group Nationals, NC 70.3, and Challenge Daytona.