Racing into Shape Part I: The Phantom Duathlete

This was my first multiport race of the year.  I had low expectations for my race performance having hardly run since the Tobacco Road Marathon and just a handful of rides of over an hour.  The duathlon length of 31 miles would actually be the longest I have ridden so far this year.

The first 5 mile run went well.  I ran at a pace that I thought I could keep throughout and didn’t try to keep up with the lead runners.  The bike went better than expected, although I was starting to get tired around the 25 mile mark.  The headwind on the last section of the ride didn’t help any either.  The final 5 mile run also went better than expected.  My legs were tired from the bike, but I was able to keep a steady pace throughout, just not as fast as I would like.  Being that this was my first brick, I’m surprised my legs didn’t cramp up.  I guess the mileage on my legs from marathon training helped out some.

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About Lindsey McIver

I'm originally from Chesapeake, VA and I've lived in NC since 2007. I swam competitively until college and decided swimming was no longer fun for me. I started running in 2009 after spectating a half marathon and I was incredibly motivated watching everyone finish the race. Around that time, I rediscovered my love for swimming in an effort to cross train. In 2010, I purchased a road bike and signed up for my first sprint triathlon. Since then, I've worked my way up to a few Ironman races. I've taken time off from triathlon to have two wonderful daughters along the way. My goals for 2019 are Age Group Nationals, NC 70.3, and Challenge Daytona.