Battle at Buckhorn – a new favorite local race

2017 has been a tough year for my racing/training. A running injury and bike crash in April really slowed down my training this year. I spent most of the summer swimming way more than I ever though I would, and lots of ‘junk’ bike miles. My base was good, but I wouldn’t really say I was in any sort of racing or competitive shape for the majority of this year.

Before Buckhorn, I had just gotten back into racing again, with the Washington Triathlon (er, duathlon?) and doing a draft-legal collegiate triathlon two weeks before (in which I broke my toe running into the water yet completed the whole thing). Both races were pretty mediocre, and felt worse than some of my interval sessions. I could tell progress was being made and I figured Buckhorn would be a good motivator to keep the progress going.

Rather than walking through each leg like all of my other race reports, I’ll keep it simple. I had a decent performance; not as great as I’ve done last year, but I felt like I was getting fitness back.  The water temperature was perfect, with really flat, still water. The bike course is my favorite kind of course – at least hilly enough to cause some separation, but comfortable enough that any ability of rider can enjoy the course. This year there was a good bit of wind, but it wasn’t really enough to bother me, except when the wind swept up the smells from the cow pastures. The run course is a simple, two-loop course, which I actually enjoy. For those who enjoy racing, this allows you to see where your competition is at, which helps with motivation. Even for those who don’t like competing, having a ‘dense’ course full of people makes the race more fun, in my opinion.

All said and done, I was happy with my performance, continued to progress my racing fitness, and had a bit of fun doing so. I plan to make this race a regular occurrence – with the perfect water and air-temperature, it was a fun day to be out with other TMS-IOS teammates and other fast guys and girls! If you find yourself waffling about whether or not to do this race, you can hold me to it when I say you won’t regret it.*

*weather and injuries permitting.