Battle at Buckhorn 2017

BuckhornI have done this race a few times in the past, and it has always been competitive and lots of fun. This year was no different, and since it was at the end of September the weather was perfect! The water temperature was also cooler, so it was wetsuit legal this year.

My swim went well. I started out behind Bri Gaal, and stayed close to her for part of the swim but fell behind a little by the end. I think I was 5th out of the water, but two of the girls ahead of me on the swim must have had slower transitions because I never saw them on the bike or run. My time was 12:30, which I was happy with.

As I ran into transition and found my spot I saw Bri was already heading out on her bike. I quickly got out of my wetsuit and into my bike gear and headed out on the bike right behind Braden Walsh. Once on the bike Braden and I passed each other back and forth a few times before I was able to put a small gap between us. I rode by myself for a while, and this section of the course was a little slower due to the wind. About half way through the bike I heard a familiar voice as one of my teammates, Sara Larson, caught up to me. I was happy to have someone to pace with again and we finished the bike together. Time 49:48, not my best time on the course but still pretty good.

I made good time in T2 and started on the run just ahead of Sara. Unfortunately, Sara is a faster runner than me, so she quickly passed me and put some distance between us. Since the run was out and back I could see that Bri was the only one ahead of Sara and me. I also knew Braden and Millie Barrett were not far behind, so I could not let up on the run. I was happy to be running OK after a pretty bad ankle sprain a few weeks before the race. I managed to hold off the girls behind me to finish in third place overall. Run time 22:56, and total 1:26.50. After the race I enjoyed hanging out with my fellow TMS-IOS teammates and other tri friends while we waited for awards. This year FS Series gave cash prizes in addition to the prized belt buckles, so that was a good way to finish off the last race of the series!

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I am originally from Greenville, NC but have been living in the Triangle area for more than twenty years since graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill (Go Heels!) For most of my middle and high school years I played tennis, but in college I took up running to stay in shape, and continued to run on and off after school. Like many other moms, I started running again to get back into shape after having kids. In the summer of 2006 I decided to take on my first half marathon that October. While training for my half, I started swimming for cross training, which I really enjoyed. At the time, it seemed like everyone I met was talking about the sport of triathlon, so the following year I added biking to the mix and trained for my first sprint triathlon at Riverwood in April of 2007. One race and I was hooked! Over the past seven years, I have done many races, from sprint to half ironman distance, and have run several half and full marathons. My husband trains and competes in triathlons with me, and we have two kids, aged 11 and 13, who are competitive swimmers (and way faster than me). I am very excited to join such a talented team this year and look forward to another great season!