Wilmington 70.3 – No hurricane this year!

This season, I used a deferral entry to compete for the second time at the NC 70.3 in Wilmington. It had been so hot the month of September and early October, I was worried that is might be miserable based on weather – but in fact, it turned out to be a perfect triathlon day.

I was able to connect with team members prior to (see photo of Todd and Millie) and post race (see photo of team at finish), team IOS-ETT did really well overall at the race.

My swim was ok for me, this is usually my best leg, but I stayed in the chop a little too long at the beginning and thus my time wasn’t as fast as it has been.  I finally got over and found the deep water with the current (I did feel pretty idiotic once I moved over, and realized what I was missing!).  Note to all triathletes contemplating Wilmington – get over in the channel as soon as you can!!!!

T1 is LONG…. I had stashed some shoes and put those on once my wetsuit was stripped, this really did help with the long run into transition. 

Once I got on the bike, I got to see several team members as they passed me (I am much more of a runner and a swimmer, but I hung in there and cheered for them!). It was windy out on the course, particularly on Hwy 421. Overall, I enjoyed the bike except for 2 main things 1- I hated the drawbridges, felt very unstable on these and really slowed down and 2- there was a really large peloton that swallowed me up, passing on either side, and clearly drafting off each other… I sure wish officials had seen this massive group! Here is the really unusual thing on the bike – I saw a black bear on the side of the road! (And no, I was not hallucinating – others saw this too!). I suspect that he was dead as he wasn’t moving, but it certainly got my heart racing – it was a huge bear, just off to the side of 421 on the way back into town…. Wow! Later on, our waitress at dinner said that Pender county does have black bears and this wasn’t that unusual (really?) Wow!

T2 was smooth – but there were actual lines for the port-a-potties, so I decided to forego that and just get on with the run. I  got into a groove on the run, and the weather wasn’t too hot, so I was able to maintain. I ended up running  a1:43.01 for the 13.1 (which is actually the best run I have had at the end of a 70.3 by 2 minutes, so I was pleased with that).

Overall, a good day – the weather held out, no one I knew got hurt, our team rocked it (way to go Lindsey!), what a day to remember! Well done all….

Post-Race – We did it!
Todd and Millie Pre-Race