And We’re Off (Sampson County Super Sprint)!

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Last weekend, I opened my 2017 triathlon season with a crew of friends at the Sampson County Super Sprint. I’ve never done this race before, but since it’s hosted FS Series, I knew it would be a great event. Plus, when I looked at my training calendar it seemed like a great day to sneak in an early season race and follow it up with a long bike ride on less-traveled roads well outside the Raleigh area. Thankfully, the weather cooperated, and we were treated to warm temps and sunny skies.

I can honestly say that this was the shortest triathlon I’ve ever done, and like all sprints, every second promised to hurt. To ensure even more fun (read: pain), the women’s field was pretty stacked. The TMS-IOS team had 4 ladies racing, the NCSU triathlon club team showed in full force, and the ever awesome Bri Gaal made a last minute decision to join in on the fun.

To avoid making this post longer to read than Sampson County took to race, I present you the race in bullets:

* 250 swim: smooth, small traffic jam around the 100 mark but nbd. Squeezed through and got around it.

* T1: didn’t drop my bike or knock over any racks; win

* 7 mile bike: ow. pass some people. ow. annoying water in my ear. ow. tight turn around… unclip… put my foot down (yeah, on the ground; I’ve got no moves). ow. ow. ow. Finish! Managed close to 23 mph; I’ll take it.

* T2: did some stuff and started running

* Run: ow. ow. water in my ear still. ow. this is gonna hurt. getting hot. ow. I hear breathing. Must be that guy I saw. Crap, sounds like a girl. Dangit, pink. It’s Bri. I’m screwed. Run faster. ow. Keep running. Where do I go? Bike out, yeah that’s it. Wait, no that’s not it. Veer back, oh yeah the finish chute. I’m done!

* T3: Lay on the ground at the finish line in the fetal position.

In the end, top 3 women were within 9 seconds of each other. Bri ran me down, but she also probably forced that extra second out of me to take 2nd. Cath had a killer bike!


It was a great race, and the team represented well. Here are the TMS-IOS ladies with Adam (teammate and overall winner) after the race.




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