Dear PPD Beach2Battleship

Dated:  June 6th, 2015                (6 Days after I broke my collarbone in a cycling accident)

You probably haven’t heard but in case you do, I was thrown a curve ball recently in the form of a broken collarbone in a cycling accident. Don’t worry. There will be no deferral. I’ll still be meeting you on October 17th. The date I’ve set for completing my 1st Full Iron distance event has not changed. My goal time has not increased….only my determination. It’s been 3 days since the surgery to install a plate & 9 screws and my body is doing well. I had no pain during my 2 hour stationary bike ride today. My training and race plans between now and then may have changed a little but don’t you worry, the end goal is still the same. Looking forward to our epic meeting on a Saturday in October in 133 days.

Rookie Full Iron Distance Triathlete,
Tom Lehr