3 Little Pigs Sprint Triathlon

Second sprint of the year.  Still no real good training this year.  Not really sure what is going on with that but here I am typing anyway.

I hit a few lane lines while weaving through the swim.  So decided to do extra dolphin kicks to assure clearance.  Its really embarrassing when you start first and everyone is starring down at you. (I invision fingers pointing and people laughing at me).

I had a good bike. A younger rider caught me and then I decided to stay with him, hoping he would reel me in towards Marty and then I was going to leave both of them in my dust.  Haha.  Ofcourse that didn’t happen.  We DID catch good ol Marty but we all stayed together for the last few miles.  Robert was well ahead at the run turn around so I figured I don’t have the fitness these days to catch those thunder thighs.  I tried to pass the younger guy at mile two but he reacted well and stayed with me.  The little push that I gave to get around him, inturn, sent me backwards and he pulled away.  I should’ve waited longer before my pass but I needed to be 20 seconds ahead of him.  He started 10 behind me.  Finished third with about the same time a few years ago.  Robert didn’t beat my time from years ago, so I guess I still own the record.  Ofcourse, I had no clue that I had the record or what the time was until “number cruncher” Robert informed me.  Sorry RV, love ya , mean it.

Love the Chick-fil-a after.

I recommend this race to any beginners or lazy veterans (like myself).  This race is flat, fast and not a hill on the run!

Thanks Finish Strong for another great race production.

Triangle Orthopaedic Triathlon

First race of the season for me.  A sprint triathlon in North Raleigh.  Close to home.  YAy!!

I had a good swim and a not so good bike.  Which is par for the course due to lack of miles over the winter. (I had a lazy winter).  I tried to catch Mr. Gaal but he was having a great bike day and I was sucking.  I thought I might be able to catch him on the run but he raced strong I could couldn’t close fast enough.

Short race.  Not in really good shape but it was fun.  This is the second time I’ve done this race.  It was good to see other team mates racing the International race on the same day.




Triangle Sprint

This race is never, and never will be, wetsuit legal.  However, this is the first year where I am using a swimskin.  I have a HUUB swimskin and it felt great in the water.  My time was about where it typically has been without a swimskin, but I think the course was a little longer than past years as the first leg at the start angled to the right where before it would parallel the power lines.

I was sluggish on the bike.  Training for an Ironman doesn’t help, and missing several weeks of bike and swim training since June also doesn’t make things easy. I was about 3-4 minutes off the pace I normally would expect.

The run went OK.  I was several minutes behind the next racer and had several minutes gap to the person trailing me, so I didn’t have someone to chase and didn’t feel like I was being chased.  Even though I didn’t feel like I was running all that fast, I thought I was gaining on Cid as I saw him on the return to the finish just past where the turnaround normally is located, but they moved it further down the path.

I am not prepared for this short course racing this year, but my next two races are both long so I would expect better results.

Kerr (car??) Lake

While the water temperature made it wetsuit legal, I should have not worn one.  I was way too hot during the swim and nauseous as I came out of the water.  Never felt so good to get the wetsuit off and into cooler weather.  The bike went OK.  I had just done the Raleigh 70.3 the weekend prior so they were not in prime shape.  We ran into a headwind on the second half of the course…2nd weekend in the row where I had to deal with the wind.  Mentally I was done with biking into the wind and my pace slowed way back.  The first 1-2 miles of the run went well, but then fatigue set in and I slowed down a bit and maintained pace until the finish.

Raleigh 70.3

This was my 2nd time racing the Raleigh 70.3.  The swim went much better this year.  There wasn’t the typical miracle drop in water temperature the day of the race, so I wore my new HUUB wetsuit.  I was 5 ½ minutes faster than last year.  Although I can’t say it was all because of the wetsuit, it does make me faster and does not restrict my shoulder/arm movements like other suits have.

The bike was a different story.  It was a battle of the wind the entire way.  I was 11 minutes slower than last year.  This would have been a good race to have a power meter so I could keep a steady power outage.  When racing by feel, the wind can make it difficult to determine if you are going too hard or taking it too easy.

The run was made easier by cutting out the loop around the museum, and with the weather a whole lot cooler than 2013, allowed me to run about 8 minutes faster.  I wasn’t as fast as I wanted it to be, but about the right time for my fitness level at the time.

Not sure if I am going to do it again.  It is convenient because it is so close to my house, but WTC has decided to raise the price by $25 (not including the active.com fee) from last year, and a $75 difference from the first year, so I’ll most likely look at other races.