HUUB Archimedes Triathlon Wetsuit

Heading into the 2014 triathlon season I was please to have the opportunity to take advantage of the use of a new full wetsuit, HUUB Archimedes 4/4.  Historically, I haven’t been a fan of the full suit, however I was not going to chance another race like many of us NC competitors experienced in April 2013, choppy and mid 50’s water conditions for the White Lake Half and Sprint.    

My test swim with the Archimedes took place in a 25 yard indoor pool on March 30th.  At first, it started out frustrating as when I went to zipper up the suit the zipper didn’t work, it simply zipped up on one side.  Not knowing what the problem was, I took the suit off and quickly learned there wasn’t a problem, the suit zipper actually separates just like jacket zipper.  All my other wetsuit zippers stay permanently fastened together at the bottom.  Lesson learned, know your equipment!

The actual use of the suit was awesome, I was very pleased.  The suit remained very comfortable, snug and didn’t loosen up to allow any feeling of water between myself and the suit.  The suit was extremely buoyant and functional, allowing great use of my arms and shoulders for a normal stroke.  The test of the numbers came on my stroke count, it reduced my stoke count by two (2) strokes per 25.  I am extremely excited to use the Archimedes suit in my first open water race.