Elite Performance Chiropractic

If you are a reader of my race posts, I have been having calf cramping issues during the swim and heading out of T2 for several years (also routinely will cramp up during sleep and need to quickly hop out of bed to relieve the pain).  I have been seeing Dr. Jason Pirigyi at EPC to remedy this issue.

Using ART (Active Release Techniques), he has been working out the scar tissue that has built up in my calves.  After around 6-8 sessions, my calves have new life.  I have had two triathlons since starting treatment, and both races were a huge improvement over my previous races.  For my final triathlon of the year, not only did I not cramp up, but did not feel the sensation of imminent cramping during the swim or heading out of the run from T2.  So if you have a pain that could use a little chiropractic attention, check out Elite Performance Chiropractic.  epchiropractic.com


Swim:  Another race cramp free.  Pretty happy with my swim time (26:00).  My swim volume and intensity has been way lower than previous years, but I was only a couple minutes slower than my fastest time at Pinehurst.

Bike:  I had a decent bike split, just couldn’t increase the intensity that an Olympic distance race requires.  If this race was a 60 mile, two loop ride instead of the 30 mile, single loop, I am confident I could have ridden the 60 at the same pace as the 30

Run:  As always, this run humbles me.  The half dozen times I have completed this race, I have never felt like I have “run” the course.  It feels more like a jog.  It doesn’t help that usually it is the last (official) race of the year for me and I have peaked for a race a month or two before.  Mentally I may have checked out of racing a few triathlons prior to Pinehurst.

This is one of my favorite races on the Setup schedule.  I was unable to race it the last couple of years, so it was nice to get back down there and enjoy it again.

FS Half

Swim:  This race was “wetsuit legal”.  I swam a 28:31 without a wetsuit, so it was short by a few hundred meters.  Cramping was not an issue.

Bike:  The course is fairly easy for the 1st half and gets more challenging in the second 28 miles.  I slowly worked my way through the people ahead of me.  Heading into T2, there was two ahead of me that I could see, but did not know if they were aquathon or triathlon participants.

Run:  Turns out the two ahead of me were both doing the triathlon.  I came out of T2 in second place, maybe 20 seconds behind the leader.  1st mile clocked in at 6:24 pace, but no progress in catching the leader and the footsteps of 3rd place were still close.  The second mile begins the gradual uphill section, and 3rd place dropped off the pace, but still no gain on the leader at 6:44 pace.  I slowed down to the pace I anticipated maintaining for the 13.1 miles, and the leader slowly pulled away.  Pretty sure if I had tried to keep pace with him I would have cracked, so I ran my race and had a good run.

This is a great race, challenging bike and run.  We had perfect race weather which makes a 4.5 hour day much more enjoyable.