Battle of Buckhorn

Battle of Buckhorn 2013

This races was located in a very nice secluded venue in Wilson County.  FSSeries did a fantastic job putting the race on from beginning to end.  The race started with a very well marked swim.  The water was as calm as ever, which lead to easy spotting and a nice straight swim.  Following the swim I had a flawless transition to the bike, still scratching my head on how I was able to get through a transition in 13 seconds.  Following a rough bike the week earlier at Triangle Triathlon, I was looking to redeem myself.  Off to a good start, getting secured into my shoes quickly, I began the hills around the lake.  The course had it’s share of nice hills with one monster around mile 12.  It is a nice challenging and rewarding ride.  The second transition was also very fast, 16 seconds.  I have had my share of fast transitions, however there was something about this race that leaves me wondering where these transitions came from.  The run started with a little up grade for the first quarter mile and then is fairly flat for the two loop portion of the run.  The run was not free of the heat and sun, the middle two and half miles is free of shade with a lot of sun as it began to heat up at 9:00 am.  For a fairly flat run course and in the sun and heat, it makes for challenging 5K.  In all I was pleased with my performance and very happy with the events.  It was great sweeping the podium with teammates Dave Williams and Kit Phillips.  Congratulations to them, teammate Tara Wind for a excellent performances and all other fellow competitors.  FSSeries and Wilson, NC should be extremely proud of a fabulous event.          


Triangle Triathlon

Middle of the summer, July race in NC, sums up this race if anyone knows about the weather in NC, hot and humid.  Conditions delivered right from the start with a 90 degree swim.  The course was laid out well and we had fair conditions with little chop.  Once on the bike I was looking forward to a fast ride; I recalled the course being fun and fast.  Unfortunately I was unable to find my true top end speed and deliver good results.  The course is full of nice hills/grades during the first fourteen miles and rewarded with mainly a downward grade the last three miles.  The run is where the heats sets in for the race.  Not taking long, about one mile before you realize it is hot and the bugs in the trail portion of the run are not too enjoyable.  The trail portion of the run was not bad besides some puddles from the previous day rain.  Personally, it was not a good day for me, not having a good bike, I found myself holding back a bit on the run.  It was great to be among so many teammates and as always a great race by Setup Events, NCTS.