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The Triangle Multisport Inside Out Sports Triathlon Team is made up of elite amateur and professional multi-sport athletes focused on competing at the highest levels, while helping to grow the triathlon community.

Hailing from the Triangle of North Carolina, (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and surrounding communities), the team is made up of about twenty selected members who participate in high profile triathlons and duathlons, as well swimming, cycling, and running races.

Our 2017 team is presented by Triangle Multisport of Durham and Inside-Out Sports with stores in Cary, Raleigh, and Charlotte.

Recent Posts

Returning to the Races after Baby

Posted on by Doracy Harrison

Take a look at the team photo and there’s something…different…about the gal on the far right. That’s me, with the huge belly poking out. ¬†Fast forward a couple months to mid-May and that’s when my family’s new addition, Cora Kate … Continue reading

Berlin Tri XL

Posted on by Cath Rueckeis

  It occurred to me after a couple of weeks on the Camino de Santiago that I was supposed to be asking myself the purpose or meaning of life or at the very least ‘finding myself,’ the most popular reason … Continue reading

Granite Falls Sprint Tri 2017

Posted on by Geraldine Walker

Granite Falls sprint triathlon this morning was a blast racing with fellow teammates Cameron Cook and Cath Rueckeis. It was a cold start temps being in the mid 40′s and my pre race warm ups really ended up being more … Continue reading

The year of the sprints!

Posted on by Adam McIntyre

Race Reports on the Florida Challenge Triathlon and Sampson County Super Sprint The past two weekends have been a huge change in pace for me. I have not competed in a sprint triathlon since 2008 and now I was looking … Continue reading

And We’re Off (Sampson County Super Sprint)!

Posted on by Carrie Hughston

Last weekend, I opened my 2017 triathlon season with a crew of friends at the Sampson County Super Sprint. I’ve never done this race before, but since it’s hosted FS Series, I knew it would be a great event. Plus, … Continue reading